Great deals on electronic parts, components, tools, instruments, and more your source for over stock, limited stock, and obsolete electronic parts and components.

Our inventory includes: Surplus, new old stock, and obsolete electronic parts and components for audio, guitar amplifier,
audio amplifier, amateur radio, antique radios, RC hobbies, model railroading, hobbyists, industry, and repair technicians, and industry.
SpareElectronicparts has many of the popular and hard to find germanium transistors, integrated circuits (IC's),
and other semiconductors used in guitar effects pedals, juke box repair and restorations, and arcade game repair and restorations.
A lot of our parts are perfect for those looking to do a "Period Correct" restoration.

We also have inventory on computer gear and accessories, industrial controls, motors, stepper motors, and power supplies.
For home builders and hobbyists we have project boxes, knobs, turret boards, terminal strips, resistors, capacitors, diodes,
and wire to help you complete your next project. also has a full inventory of tools, tool sets, and tool bags and cases.

NOTICE: All of our nylon bags, back packs, and tactical gear products are now on their own web site,
you can find them here: 3Guys Tactical

We normally ship via UPS, and will ship via USPS upon request.

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