About our Semiconductors

Semiconductors From SpareElectronicParts

Our inventory of semiconductors comes from 35 plus years of surplus electronics purchases.
Currently our warehouse inventory consists of over 5000 different semiconductor types that includes transistors, I.C.'s,
diodes, and just about any type of semi ever manufactured. When you see our products listed as "new old stock",
that is precisely what they are, and a good number of them are still in original factory packaging as well.

For you fans and users of the PNP and NPN Germanium Transistors, we will be spot testing our transistors going forward
and putting that information regarding leakage and Hfe in the product listing.
As time permits I will go back and add that data to our currently listed transistors.
When you see items listed as "matched pair", it is because they are clearly labeled as such in original packaging.
Our listed semiconductors have just scratched the surface of what we actually have in stock, and will be continually
adding more inventory to our store. If you don't see an item you are interested in and have questions, please give us a call!

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